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公园 & Wildlife


峡谷花园代表了佛罗里达的水流所产生的永无止境的形状. 这条陡峭的峡谷是由水流从圣乔治河西岸侧翼的沙质山脊下流过而形成的. Johns River. In 1933, 联邦工程管理局(WPA)用杜鹃花和其他外来植物在峡谷中创造了一个引人注目的花园景观. 这里的景观仍然是有徒步小径的正式花园. 花园的花期是1月下旬到4月.

观鸟者和非观鸟者都被峡谷以及正式和自然的花园所吸引. 才能真正欣赏到非凡的地形, 在宽阔的小径上徒步或骑自行车游览峡谷, 或者在1号公路上开车或骑车绕着峡谷走.8-mile Ravine Loop Road. 寻找迁徙的鸣禽,如蓝尾莺和栗边莺在季节的落叶坡林, as well as resident woodpeckers, hawks and owls. 日落前一小时,环行路禁止车辆通行, but remains open for pedestrians, bicycles and wheelchairs.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds feed in the gardens in spring/summer; Cedar Waxwings flock near the amphitheater in April. On occasion, the pond at the bottom of the ravine has ducks and wading birds; be on the lookout for Wilson’s Snipe and American Woodcock as well. 公园的清单中包括东方尖声猫头鹰, Wood Thrush, Blue Grosbeak, Baltimore Oriole and Whip-poor-will. 这个网站从一月到四月都很忙, when visitors descend on the formal gardens to see the thousands of showy azaleas, Chickasaw plums, dogwoods and camellias in bloom. During these months, the best time to visit is early in the morning and during weekdays.

娱乐设施包括野餐区、观赏花园、众多的徒步小径和1.沿着80英亩峡谷的上边缘铺设了8英里的环形步道. A community civic center complex is available for meetings, weddings and special events.

59英亩的花园,自然小径,运动课程和野餐区. The 1.峡谷周围有一条长达8英里的公路,可驾车、骑车或步行前往.

1600 Twigg Street, Palatka
Admission is $4.00 (1 person in vehicle), $5.00 (2-8 people in vehicle), $2.00 (1 person walking in park). Children under 6 free.  Open Daily - 8:00 a.m. until Sundown

Directions: 从美国公路17号交叉口/SR 100/Reid St. and Moseley Ave. 在Palatka,向南走Moseley大街. 为0.8 mi. Turn left (east) on Twigg St. and drive 0.2 mi. The park entrance (at Ravine Dr.) is on your right.

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